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Stormwater’s Dirty Little Secret…

For years, developers have submitted detailed O&M plans with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, enforcing completion of these plans has been difficult, at best. Now, with the implementation of EPA Phase II, communities can no longer ignore non-compliance. The days of installing and then forgetting about a stormwater collection system have passed…for good.
Stormwater Compliance helps developers meet their commitments throughout the permitting phase. We keep developers in strict compliance with all state and local stormwater regulations. Our team inspects the entire stormwater collection system, coordinates all maintenance activities, and provides an annual report documenting all inspection and maintenance functions. Under our supervision, developers get a “clean bill of health.”

As Maine goes, so goes the country?

Maine is having enforcement success with a new, innovative Operation and Maintenance program.  This program requires developers to recertify every five years that their development is in compliance with state and local stormwater requirements.
In addition, in order to submit a completed permit application, developers are being required to submit an executed contract with a qualified inspection and maintenance company (such as Stormwater Compliance, LLC) to perform the work on any structural or manufactured BMP.
As a final step, developers are then required to submit the previous five years’ worth of inspection and maintenance logs (i.e. annual reports) along with a letter certifying that the site has been inspected and maintained per the approved O & M Plan.
What’s working in Maine might be effective in other places as well. 

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